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The Roots

Anthony Quinsee, better known as Tony Q  is a multi award winning songwriter. Tony was introduced to music at a young age with his mother being a piano teacher and his father an interstate truck driver, music was not in abundance in his household. Whilst music has always been his passion, at age 20 he made the choice to serve his country and enlisted into the Australian Army. After his return from Afghanistan in 2012 he used music to help deal with his struggles and soon released his debut album 'Road to Nowhere'. Not long after he teamed up with some more musicians and together formed The Tony Q band. After 13 years of service Tony decided that it was time to pursue his dreams and discharged the Army to become a full time musician. Tony still maintains a strong connection to the defence force and is involved with multiple veteran groups.

Tony Q


Ben Morine

Ben Morine an award winning songwriter/musician discovered his passion for music at a young age attending gigs with his guitarist dad Terry. Ben commenced playing in bands in high school and quickly developed into a semi professional guitarist playing with several bands through south east Queensland in his late teens and into his 20’s. As a multi-instrumentalist Ben is often called upon to play bass, pedal steel guitar and lead guitar. Ben originally joined the Tony Q band as the bass player. He then moved onto pedal steel guitar until the departure of the bands lead guitar player to which he stepped into the lead guitar role to which he occupies to this day.


Matthew Breslin is the bands bass player. He has been involved and playing music from a young age, with roots in heavy rock. Matt is a man of many talents. Not only has he played professionally for some of the biggest artists and bands around Australia but he is also a qualified Electrical Engineer. Matt and Tony first met while both were attending the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth. The two instantly hit it off and due to the departure of the bands bass player, Matthew found himself at home in the band. 

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